How to Maintain Your Pandemic Self-Care Routine

Many of us found ourselves scrambling to keep up with our well-being routines once the pandemic was in full swing, and we were able to carve out new approaches and new tactics. A year later, well-being fatigue has hit a lot of people. With so many ups and downs over the last 12 months, it’s not always easy to keep our wellness top of mind. However, with the advent of a more open world, it’s crucial that we continue to care for ourselves inside and out. Consider these tips for nurturing your self-care routine.

Keep Eating Healthy

Developing a healthy diet takes time and dedication, but it can be done. 

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Maintain Your Fitness Routine

Exercise is a great stress reliever, and you can easily set up a workout space in your home. 

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Make Time for Self-Care

During this difficult time, make sure to attend to your own needs as well. 

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Four Realistic Rules for Better Self-Care

Though not being able to go to their yoga studio or gym isn’t ideal for most active folks, a bit of creativity — and inspiration — can help you figure out ways to care for yourself and others during the pandemic. By staying home, you help keep the Bay Area community well. Of course, focusing your free time on caring for yourself and your body is also worthwhile.

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